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Participation in the Cyprus Robotex Challenge requires and assumes respect and acceptance of the rules from all competitors and the teach coaches. 

Registration and participation in the event is free. Registrations will be completed by Thursday 25th May at 23:59 and no extension will be given. 

Α number of competitions selected from the international competition of ROBOTEX Estonia will be organized during the Cyprus event. Interested participants must review the regulations for the competition of their interest and follow them accordingly. The regulations describe the eligible for participation, the robots, the competition process and the assessment criteria. 

Summary of Competitions - Per Age & Category

Download the rules of the competitions you are interested in to review them in order to prepare your teams accordingly. 

Competition Rules in English

Competition Rules in Greek

Rules for the Robots

Each team can use as many and any materials (motors, sensors etc) and the corresponding software available for the robot platform with which it will compete and according to the detailed regulation of the corresponding competition described in the above documents. 

For all competition categories: 

  • Each team must bring its own robot assembled and programmed in order to solve any task (for the case of Line Following and Maze) that may be decided by the Scientific Committee. 
  • Robots will undergo undergo technical scrutineering and inspection prior to the beginning of the competition so as to ensure that robots meet (and do not violate) the requirements described in the corresponding competition's regulations. 
  • The exact starting time of the technical inspection process will be announced together with the event's programme.

Participation in Challenges 

A team can participate in more than one challenges provided that they have the required equipment. 

  • The availability of robots is the sole responsibility of of the teams and the organizations they represent. 

  • It is noted that the Organizing Commiitee will not make any special arrangements in the event's programme for teams that have only one robot and wish to participate in more than one challenges. 

  • The Organizing Committee will assign a unique identification number to each robot. 

  • Each robot can participate only once in a challenge with only one team. 

Dismissal of Teams 

The Coach undertakes responsibility for the registration of the teams in the web system of the event and the entry of correct and valid details for the members of his/her team. 

  • In case of false details entry for any of the team members, the team will be disqualified. 

  • The same applies in case a competitor submits a certificate in which false data (i.e school grade or any other data) is included. 

  • As part of the good practices followed by the Organizing Committee, the CCS will verify the details of the members of the winning teams by contacting the Management of their schools of the members of the teams. 

  • Any finding of data falsification of any member will lead to the automatic disqualification of the team. As a result, the team will immediately lose its right to participate in the international ROBOTEX competition in Estonia. The disqualified team will be replaced by the team with the next highest rank in the particular challenge. 


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